Profile Level System

The profile leveling system in Dark Mythos offers continuous game development and recognition of player achievements through an in-depth leveling and reward concept. With an open structure that knows no end to the levels, the system allows players to make steady progress - regardless of their ranking in the leagues.

Core mechanics of the profile level system

The level system is based on experience points that can be earned through various activities in the game.

Experience points and levels

Players earn experience points (XP) for almost every activity in the game:

  • Playing matches: XP is awarded for each match played, with additional XP awarded for wins.

  • Daily Challenges: Each day, players will receive a series of challenges that offer additional XP to encourage daily interaction.

  • Events: Timed events can offer special XP bonuses for participating and completing objectives.

  • Lending: Lending cards also rewards players with XP.

Levels and rewards

  • Levels without an upper limit: There is no maximum level. Players can constantly progress and receive rewards for each level they reach.

  • Rewards: As players level up, they receive rewards such as map packs, in-game currency, cosmetic items and access to special events.

  • Milestone rewards: At certain level milestones, players will receive exclusive rewards that represent their achievements in the game, such as unique card backs, deck environments, booster packs or avatars.

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