Dark Mythos is a crypto TCG that takes players, collectors and fantasy fans into a breathtaking universe full of adventure.

In our game, the player is immersed in a world full of strategy and tactics, in which they compete in exciting turn-based matches against turn-based replicas of previously played matches by other players (auto-battle system). By buying or trading Dark Mythos NFT's, decks of different strengths can be built and played with.

You can compete with other players in various leagues, level up and receive great rewards. Our algorithm (Willpower) ensures that you always play against equal opponents to guarantee a fair and balanced gaming experience.

At the heart of Dark Mythos are the unique cards, designed hand in hand by AI and real artists and specifically conceptualised for the elements. There are two types of cards: Gaming cards represent the heroes and heroines that can be used to fight on the field. They have different star ratings, attributes and elements.

Item cards are special cards that offer additional bonuses to strengthen gaming cards and thus provide an advantage on the playing field.

In addition, there are various elements, races and professions that complement the rarity and strength of the cards and add further strategic depth and variety to the game.

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