Attack Bonus through Elements

In addition to the elemental damage of the elemental circuits, there is an attack bonus that relates to the active elements of the playing field and can be increased. How the active element is defined is explained later in the preparation phase section.

The player can therefore not only select the best elements against the opponent's formation, but also strengthen their own cards by placing the active round element with several cards on the field. The cards placed on the field are staggered:

The attack bonus is always calculated on the attack value of the gaming card.

Item cards that receive an element bonus also increase the attack value of the gaming card.

TypeAttack bonus per active element

Gaming card with the matching round element

12.5% attack bonus

Each additional card with the matching element

7.5% attack bonus

Item card with the matching round element

2.5% bonus for the gaming card (max. 3 item cards = max. 7.5%)

Example of bonuses while gaming

We consider player 1. The active round element is FIRE; if gaming cards with the FIRE element are placed, they receive attack bonuses (see table above). Item cards that are linked to the gaming card can also provide a further attack bonus with the round element.

Player 1 has placed two FIRE cards on the playing field:

  • Gaming card 1 = 12.5%

  • Gaming card 2 = 7.5%

The attack bonus from the element is 12.5%+7.5%=20% for all FIRE cards

Player 1 also has two Item cards bound to card 1, which also have the active round element FIRE:

  • Item card 1 = 2.5%

  • item card 2 = 2.5%

The attack bonus for gaming card 1 is therefore: 20%+2.5%+2.5%=25%

In addition, player 1 receives an element bonus, as player 1 plays the superior element against the inferior element: Element bonus = 20%

Gaming card 1 attacks with a total of 45% attack bonus!

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