Tech Details

Why should game assets be outsourced to a blockchain?

Moving gaming assets to a blockchain has many advantages. It creates a system of transparency and immutability, ensuring that every transaction is verified and indelibly recorded on the network. This increases trust in the authenticity and ownership of assets.

Why IOTA/ Shimmer? Speed, efficiency and environmental friendliness.

We decided in favour of IOTA because it offers several decisive advantages. IOTA is zero-feeless, which makes transactions cost-effective for users. It is also fast and enables high transaction throughput, resulting in a smooth and pleasant user experience. In addition, IOTA is environmentally sustainable as it consumes much less energy than traditional blockchains. This is in line with our efforts to utilise innovative technologies that are environmentally friendly and future-proof.

Multichain: A gateway to unlimited possibilities

Our Explorer and our game are built on a multichain architecture, which means they are flexible enough to integrate different blockchain technologies. We are looking to expand the Dark Myth ecosystem with more EVM-compatible chains in the future. This flexibility allows us to utilise the best aspects of each blockchain and create a robust, efficient and user-friendly experience that can keep pace with the ever-changing technology landscape.


Dark Mythos is intended to be a bridge between traditional Trading Card Games (TCGs) and the world of Web3. Our goal is to create a universe where players, traders and fantasy fans can interact.

Our NFT in-game assets allow for true ownership, meaning players have full control and ownership of their cards and other digital items. This also opens up the opportunity to generate passive income from in-game assets by trading or renting them out.

With the introduction of Phygitals, a combination of physical and digital assets, we also want to appeal to those who do not yet own cryptocurrencies (no-coiner) and introduce them to the world of Web3.

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