Game & Explorer


With the Dark Mythos Explorer, we offer a central platform for all players, collectors and fantasy enthusiasts. You can use the Explorer to buy and manage cards, read stories about cards and configure decks for the game. In addition, exciting events take place regularly in the Explorer and you can level up your hero here.

The Explorer can be seen as the centrepiece of the Dark Mythos ecosystem. All essential components are located here in one central location.


The deckbuilder is a central element in Dark Mythos and plays a crucial role in the success of every player. It is not just a tool for organising and compiling cards, but a strategic platform that lays the foundation for a successful game. The Deckbuilder allows you to create individual and customised packs of cards that form the basis of your game strategy. Each deck consists of 25 gaming cards and up to 8 item cards.


The gaming cards are the centrepiece of the game and can be strengthened by item cards. They are a central component of the Explorer and the game, are located on the blockchain and therefore offer advantages such as transparency, proof of ownership and secure trading.

Playing Field

The playing field consists of 6 rows, which are played from top to bottom. The player's formation is lined up on the left-hand side of the playing field, the opponent's formation on the right-hand side. A card extends over 2 rows, which allows for different formations and gives the game strategic depth.

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