Defense & Health Bar

Each gaming card has two energies: defence energy and life energy. Defence energy protects life energy. As soon as the defence energy is used up due to damage, life energy is lost. Once both energies have been used up, the card is considered destroyed.

There is an additional factor for defence energy: armour penetration. It is used when the defence energy is fully consumed.

Active armour penetration

By default, defence energy penetration to life energy is active. The defence can be penetrated.

Example: Defence 100, life 1000 The card is hit with 500 damage. The defence energy initially drops to 0. The active armour penetration reduces the life energy by the remaining damage of 400 (attack 500 = defence -100, life -400)

Inactive armour penetration

The armour cannot be penetrated. All cards in a tank slot and cards with this ability have this ability.

Example: Defence 100, Life 1000 An attack with 500 hits the card, the defence is 0 after this attack, the life is still 1000 (attack 500=defence -100, life -0).

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