Elementary Chain

Four random elements are drawn at the start of a match. The arrangement of the elements is also random. This results in the so-called "elementary chain".

The game principle is based on a rotating sequence of elements in the chain. Each party in a match receives an active element. At the start of each round within a match, the actively selected elements are moved forward by one position. The opponents are always separated by one element.

For the tactical approach, it is important to play with foresight and to plan the use of certain gaming cards and item cards and their elements well in advance.


  • Round 1 Player: FIRE Opponent: ICE

  • Round 2 Player: SPIRIT Opponent: Dark

  • Round 3 Player: ICE Opponent: FIRE

  • Round 4 Player: DARK Opponent: SPIRIT

  • Round 5 - Rotation starts from the beginning Player: FIRE Opponent: ICE

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