League Points

Promotion in the leagues is based on league points, which are awarded after each duel. The number of league points a player receives depends on several factors: the outcome of the duel, the rank of the opponent and the league in which the duel takes place.

League points: Promotion and championship

Victory: A victory leads to a direct gain in league points. The exact number depends on the difference in ranking points between the player and their opponent. A victory against a higher-ranked opponent can therefore result in more points than against a lower-ranked opponent.

Defeat: In the event of a defeat, players lose a certain number of league points. However, to encourage competitive spirit and minimise frustration, the loss is less than the potential gain from a win.

Draw: If a duel ends in a draw, the league points are not changed to ensure the stability of the rankings.

The importance of league points

League points not only determine promotion to the next higher league, but also eligibility for seasonal tournaments and events. Players who manage to keep their league points consistently high can earn special rewards and recognition in the community.

League points table

To give a clear idea of how league points are awarded in the game, the following table provides an overview:

League levelVictoryDrawDefeatBonus/penalty per difference in ranking points


±1 je 10 Difference in ranking points


±2 je 10 Difference in ranking points


±2 je 10 Difference in ranking points


±3 je 10 Difference in ranking points


±3 je 10 Difference in ranking points


±4 je 10 Difference in ranking points

These points are to be understood as a base value. For example, a player in the Devoted League receives 20 points for a win against an opponent of the same rank. However, if the opponent is 20 ranking points higher, the player receives an additional 2 points (±1 for every 10 points difference), i.e. a total of 22 points. A defeat against a higher-ranked opponent would result in a smaller loss, while a defeat against a lower-ranked opponent would be penalised more severely.

Dynamic customisation

However, the basic values for wins and losses can change depending on the league and seasonal adjustments in order to optimise the competitive climate and player traffic within the leagues.


As players advance to higher leagues, they can expect not only more challenging opponents, but also exclusive, unique rewards.

Special card packs: With each new league promotion, players receive one-time card packs that may contain rare and powerful cards.

  • Unique frames and emblems: Players who reach certain leagues will receive unique frames for their player profiles and emblems that they can present in the game.

  • Seasonal tournaments: The highest leagues qualify for seasonal tournaments with special prizes and the battle for the title of "Dark Mythos Champion".

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