Before the game begins, a few preparations must be made in the game base. Players will receive a summary of all the important information there.

  1. Player information: League, name, level, current XP progress to the next level, daily rewards

  2. Game mode and events: The various modes are displayed here; players start in casual mode, are introduced to the game and familiarised with the mechanics through playful learning. In addition to casual and ranked mode, the current tournaments and events can also be found here.

    • The casual mode can also be used later for casual games, e.g. to try out new decks.

  3. New Player Rewards/ Daily Rewards: Daily rewards are displayed here. For new players, a New Player Rewards System is displayed, which every new player must go through. The basic game mechanics are explained here.

  4. Deck Overview: Decks can be saved and named for each mode. The deck shows which league it was created for and how many mythics it contains.

    • If the player sells NFTs from this deck on the marketplace, the deck is marked as "inactive" and must be revised.

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