Deck Builder

Decks can be created in a deck builder and saved individually with a name of your choice.

Each deck consists of 25 playing cards and up to 8 item cards.

The structure: On the left-hand side, the available cards from the registered person's inventory are displayed. The cards assigned to the deck are displayed on the right-hand side.

On both pages, clicking on a card adds it to the deck or removes it from the deck.

You will also find the following useful information:

  • Display of card numbers for gaming and item cards

  • Total Mythics costs for the selected cards

  • Current Mythics range for the deck Mythics costs

  • Marking for cards that are no longer part of the inventory and thus block playing with the deck

It's worth keeping an eye on the Mythics costs when putting together a deck and pushing the costs as close as possible to the limit of the Mythics range.

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