As already mentioned in the general section, the game takes place in rows. The playing field has 6 rows. Each card occupies 2 rows, regardless of the formation.

The game takes place in a logical sequence, starting at row 1 and ending at row 6, with both sides/both gaming cards attacking simultaneously so that neither opponent is at a disadvantage.

Card slots Tank, Melee, Range

As things stand, the card slots for tank, melee attack and ranged attack are static and fixed. The ranged attackers are always in the back column, the melee attackers are in the centre and the tank is always in the front column. Card slots can also be assigned manually in a later development phase in order to create a deeper game strategy.

Damage distribution at a glance:

  • A ranged fighter can always perform his attack

    • Ranged fighter is not obscured by anyone in front: Attack 100%

  • Ranged fighter is obscured by someone in front of him: Attack 50%

A melee attacker can only perform his attack if his view is not obscured

  • Melee attacker is not obscured by anyone in front: 100%

  • Melee attacker is obscured by card in front, attack not possible: 0% attack

A tank can only perform its attack if its view is not obscured

  • Tank is not obscured by anyone in front: 100% attack

  • Tank is obscured by the person in front: 0% attack

  • In the current state, it is not possible for the tank to be obscured

Game start

The game starts with both players setting up their formations:

As soon as the game starts in row 1, it is displayed as active. The active cards are highlighted and marked with an effect in the appropriate place. Each row is played by all cards that touch this row. If there are two cards on a row in the formation, both are played:

If there is no opposite card in the active row, the next card in the formation sequence is attacked with 50% damage. We describe what the sequences look like in the respective formations.

Description of the formations:

Once all the cards on one side have been destroyed, the round ends. There are points to be won per round, which are totalled over a match.

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